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November 19, 2013

If you could read my mind...

What a tale my thoughts could tell. ~Gordon Lightfoot

Music is the language we use to express what's beyond the reach of words.
This is Canada Music Week, and we're considering how we do that in our uniquely Canadian voice.

And speaking of voices...some of the most beautiful and stirring music ever written for the voice is performed during the Christmas season. It's a deeply moving way to feel the holidays' heart and soul, so be sure to put a choral concert on your Christmas checklist.

There are hundreds of other ways to move and be moved by the power of music too, right here on Vancouver Island. You'll discover all kinds of opportunities to support live local music-making HERE.

Music has the power to inspire us, to lift our spirits, and to unite us in our differences.

Isn't that the gift we'd all love to receive most this season?


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