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WILDE presented by Urban Arts

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Saturday, February 9th, 2013
Saturday February 9th – 11:45am Sunday February 10th – 3:30pm Monday February 11th – 2:15pm

Four of the cities most dynamic theatre companies take to the mainstage of Kaleidoscope’s Brand New Family Theatre Festival featuring new and exciting work for the whole Experience the magic of theatre with Kaleidoscope and the 2013 BC Family Day. Family Fun Entertainment.

High above the city, on a tall column, stood a beautiful gold statue admired by all. Everyone called him the Happy Prince, and happy he was, if beauty be happiness. But so high was the the column that the beautiful statue could see all the ugliness and misery of his city, and although his heart was made of lead, he could not choose but weep. With the help of a little swallow the sad but beautiful statue must sacrifice his own beauty to bring new hope to the people of his beloved city.

Presented by Urban Arts

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Cost: Adult: $12.50
Category: Arts | Entertainment
    Children's Entertainment
Location: Berwick House Theatre
4680 Elk Lake Drive, Victoria
This event is for Everyone
More Info: Kaleidoscope Theatre
McPherson box office 250-386-6121 or 1-888-717-6121
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