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The Rat Pack

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Wednesday, December 5th, 2012
7:30 PM

The legendary Rat Pack lived and died the high life of booze, broads and bright lights, always projecting a sense of utter detachment and serenity. Dean Martin, with a highball and cigarette always firmly in hand, embodied the glorious excess of a world long gone, a world without rules or consequenses. Sammy Davis Jr., often referred to as the world's greatest entertainer, was the multi-talented song and dance man who always presented a picture of total class. And, Frank, through his movies, marriages and mafia connections, continually kept the boys in the headlines. He was, as they say, the undisputed Chairman of the Board.

Through it all, they remained just outside the radar of understanding...the most distant stars in the firmament. Dean Martin's biographer (Nick Tosches) once noted, these guys are what the Italians call a menefreghista..."one who simply doesn't give a f---."

Often, when one of the members was scheduled to give a performance, the rest of the Pack would show up for an impromptu show, causing much excitement among audiences, resulting in return visits. They sold out almost all of their appearances, and people would come pouring into Las Vegas, sometimes sleeping in cars and hotel lobbies when they couldn't find rooms, just to be part of the Rat Pack entertainment experience. The marquees of the hotels at which they were performing as individuals would read, for example, "Dean Martin....Maybe Frank....Maybe Sammy" which only added to their demand.

And they are coming to the Charlie White Theatre this December!
Don't miss out!

Wednesday, December 5th @ 7:30pm

All Tickets $39.75

Cost: General: $39.75
Category: Arts | Entertainment
Concerts | Music
Everything Else
Location: Charlie White Theatre
2243 Beacon Ave, Sidney
This event is for Everyone
More Info: Mary Winspear Centre
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