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Profound Feats

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Thursday, July 12th, 2018

Video and drawing work on display, and social practice "happenings" every Friday from 4-7pm for the duration of the exhibition. Jennifer and/or Corrie will be serving coffee in the space, Mon-Fri from noon-1pm.

...In conversation with Shirley Daventry French, the now 86 year old founder of Victoria's longest running Yoga Studio, the Iyengar Yoga Centre of Victoria, Jennifer said, "In my art, I am interested in how small, subtle and silent acts can potentially have profound effects in the world."

And Shirley answered, "Don't all acts have profound effects?"

Jennifer Van de Pol and Corrie Peters' collaboration, "Profound Feats", begins with the sharing of this story, and in their mutual interest in holding space for what is profound in the everyday. They are interested in how pondering this calls them to a heightened sense of responsibility in the moment, to truly show up in their dailyness, together and in community.

They are inviting you to come observe, participate, witness and be welcomed into the gallery and into feats of the everyday (participation not necessary!) Videos will be on display 24 hours a day. Keep an eye on or the FB page for the scheduling of additional events and performances.


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