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OUR Permie People's Camp

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Friday, May 19th, 2017

This amazing camp is an incredible opportunity for your youngest permaculturalists to join in on OUR famous PDC/EAT and EDE experience! Spanning the entire length of OUR PDC/EAT (April 28th-May 14th) and OUR EDE (April 28th-June 2nd) this incredible camp gives children the chance to explore and experience many of the same topics covered in our course geared towards adults. We can bring together your whole family or have one parent in OUR Permie People’s Camp and the other in OUR Permaculture Design Certificate/Earth Activist Training or in OUR Ecovillage Design Education Course from April 28th to June 2nd.

Topics and activities include: plants/wildcrafting, water projects, animals, water, storytelling, carving, book making, exploring, family field trips, yoga, singing, farm activities, nature experiments, and more.

SWEET gathering spaces, hands-on projects, and diverse range of ways to support your learning of the most sought after ‘sustainable living’ kind of learning focus that folks flock to.  You will be beside Starhawk and Charles Williams leading the regular PDC and therefore able to have some good campfire time, shared meals, and sit in on some evening presentations.  The two programs will also cross-over for some hands-on projects as well….lots of amazing people to interact with as we live and learn together.

See below for a sample day’s schedule:

Camps split into two groups – 1/2 day for littles (4-6), full day for bigs (7-14)

SATURDAY, APRIL 29th (Zones and Sectors)
9:00–9:30 Opening Circle

• Drop off supplies and bags in the yurt
• Morning circle in the field near the yurt
• Sing a gathering song (My Roots Go Down)
• Share something we’ve done that’s connected to the permaculture ethics
• Yoga
• Share the best of yesterday
• Game: Rabbit holes

9:30-9:45 Snack time and story – The Woodpecker Tree (zones and sectors)

10-11 Permaculture Zones and Sectors

• Message: Think about where you place each part of your system
• Make clues and hide a letterbox
• Start creating our map. Add structures, pathways, sunny and shady areas, places that are sensitive, places where we can play

11-12 Farm Chores
• Care for farm animals – first day

12:00-1:00 Lunch

1:00-2:30 Materials Exploration

• Introduce knife skills and create things for our tiny village
• Add pathways, stores, farms to tiny village – talking about zones and sectors

2:30-4:00 Forest Free Play and Wander
Go on an exploratory wander through the nature trails and fields.

• Snack time – hemlock tea
• Deer ears (what’s in your sector – mapping it before you walk)
• Feeling the predator game

4:00-5:00 Quiet Time

• Carving, journal time, and sit spot.
• Add to our nature museum in the yurt.
• Gratitudes and closing circle – Blessed am I

Things to Bring:

• Mora River Knife or sturdy vegetable peeler
• Journal
• Pencils
• Hammer
• A pair of old adult socks
• Garden gloves (for nettle harvest)
• Compass
• Water bottle
• Rain gear and hat
• Boots
• Any medication needed, etc.

For more information or to register, please contact 250-743-3067, 250-888-7798, or

1. Day Program Monday to Friday:  (nonresidential)

• OPTIONS:  May 1st – 5th &/or  May 8th – 12th
• Full Day (7-12 yrs) $190.00 per week; $45.00 per day
• Half Day (4-6 yrs)  $160.00 per week; $30.00 per day

2.  Full 16 Day Residential Program: (concurrent t0 Permaculture Design Certificate)

• April 28th – May 14th
• Full Day (7-12yrs)$475.00 per person, includes food and accommodation (dorm or camping)
• Half Day (4-6yrs)$400.00 per person, includes food and accommodation (dorm or camping)

3.  One Month Program:  (Concurrent to Permaculture/Ecovillage Design Certificates)

• April 28th – June 2nd
• Full Day (7-12 yrs) $750.00 per person, includes food and accommodation (dorm or camping)
• Half Day (4-6yrs) $600.00 per person, includes food and accommodation (dorm or camping)

• Discounts for families and multiple children! Contact us at for more information and to RSVP and book your space!


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