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Death Cafe facilitated by Don + Elizabeth Morris

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Wednesday, December 12th, 2012
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Oneness Wednesdays in December
Death Café Facilitated by Don + Elizabeth Morris
Dates: Dec 5 + 12
Time: 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Free or by donation. Kindly bring “pot luck” savory snacks or desserts.
Everyone Welcome to Drop –In.

Death Café is a forum /gathering in which we can talk about Death in a safe environment. Having tea and simple foods makes for relaxing kitchen table talk where humourous stories, etc. have their place. Come initiate “free flowing conversation around the topic of death” while comfortably seated at tables in an uplifting environment drinking tea and eating pot luck savory snacks or desserts. Relax into a non-idealogical, non-discriminatory, open hearted setting where our often hushed thoughts and feelings are most welcomed.

Evening Format:

Start – Opening Circle

· * Everyone will gather in a circle.
· * Don will welcome everyone, introduce himself, and say more about what Death Café is all about.
· * Self introductions and people can share why they came.
· * Don will explain how the Death Café evening will unfold including ground rules: respect, confidentiality, compassion, etc.


· Tables will be set up as well as small circles of chairs for people to sit down and talk to each other about death and while eating and drinking ginger tea.
· * People can talk about any aspect of death and dying to counter our societal norm which generally doesn’t want us to talk about it even though it is happening all around us.
· * Conversations can lead to admissions that we won’t live forever so what do we do with our lives? What do we want to accomplish most? What’s on your to do or bucket list before your end?

Closing Circle:

· * People speak their hearts and mind in the larger circle
· * We sing a song

About Death Café:

Death Café is a forum/gathering which deprives death of its strangeness and serves to help us break through our fears about it. Its purpose is to raise our own death awareness so we live life more deeply. As mentioned, death talk doesn’t always have to be such serious talk, thus having tea and dessert makes for relaxing kitchen table talk complete with humorous stories, etc.

The Death Café format began recently in Switzerland in 2010 and spread to France, England and the US and now in Canada. This may be the first one in Canada.

About Don Morris:

A lifetime concern with North American attitudes toward death and dying, along with a strong desire to serve the bereaved, led him into a 13 year funeral directing career, obtaining a master's in counseling, and becoming an end of life coach. For more information, please visit:

About Oneness Wednesdays:

In community partnership with a rich diversity of Victoria’s spiritual groups & individuals, the Church of Truth, Community of Conscious Living invites people of all faiths and beliefs to come together and experience the inherent Oneness of Humanity. Each Wednesday evening is honoured as a peaceful time for reflection or meditation in order to nurture the self and the whole of our global village. The sessions are free or by donation.

Cost: Donation
Suggested: $Free or by donation
Category: Everything Else
    Health & Wellness
    Religious and Spiritual
Location: Church of Truth - Victoria
111 Superior Street, Victoria
This event is for Adults, Seniors, Singles, Student / College
More Info: Don Morris
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