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Dance of Oneness - 2 day workshop

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Sunday, April 16th, 2017
Saturday April 15: 2-6pm Sunday April 16: 10am-1pm; 3-6pm

Join us at Easter to celebrate Spring and the resurrection of life through nature as we dance to expand loving kindness inspired by Eostre, Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring who bestowed her name on Easter. Decode the mysteries of feminine spirituality and claim your birthright to take up conscious residence in your body with love. Learn to trust your deepest understanding and unleash your wild sweet nectar through timeless primal sacred dance, luscious movement and stillness with master teachers of embodiment Banafsheh Sayyad ( ) and Tony Khalife ( )

Through a rigorous yet gentle dance of grounding, centering and opening our hearts and minds to Spirit, we invoke, embody and manifest the divine feminine energy that transforms, liberates and heals our world. This dance is open to everyone and suited to you exactly where you are, regardless of your background in dance and movement, age, gender and especially, regardless of the limitations you experience in the body.

Two prime mottos of this modality are “Don’t be limited by your limitations!” and “Beauty knows no age!” Join this tapestry of guided and free-style dance, Sama/whirling, feminine yoga all set to gorgeous heart opening music, meditation, zikr/chanting, signing, divine feminine wisdom, Sufi teachings, vivid sharing, and lots of laughter harnessed to conscious loving embodiment in the present moment.

Spring is Christ raising martyred plants from their shrouds. Their mouths open in gratitude, wanting to be kissed. This wind is Holy Spirit. The trees are Mary. Watch how husband and wife plays subtle games with their hands. ~ Rumi

You will learn: • How to come in touch with and express your feminine radiance • Elements of Persian dance as an expression of the divine feminine • Elements of flamenco as a an expression of the divine feminine • The movement meditation of Sama/whirling • Zikr or chanting • Grounding, releasing, centering and opening dance and movement techniques • Sama/whirling, Persian dance and flamenco • Divine feminine wisdom • Tools to access joy, peace and lucidity in your daily life Mixed Levels, open to all.

Suitable for people with little or no background in movement or dance as well as trained dancers, yoga and other movement practitioners. The only pre-requisite is a desire to connect your mind, body and soul through sacred movement. This course counts as 10 hours towards the 200/400-hr Dance of Oneness Certification Program. Please dress comfortably in what makes you feel beautiful and bring a yoga mat and soft-soled shoes or socks to dance in.

Cost: Adult: $250
Child: $150
Senior: $150
Student: $150
At the Door: $250
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Location: Qualicum Beach Community Hall
644 Memorial Avenue, Qualicum
This event is for Everyone
More Info: Vivianne Chu
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