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 August 7, 2012

Citius. Altius. Fortius.

Faster, higher...and stronger.

It's already been one week, and we've still got six more days of incredible moments coming to us from the London Games.

The feats of incredible athleticism and pure will won't end when the Olympic flame is extinguished, though. The CCS Cops for Cancer are gearing up for the 2012 Tour de Rock. They'll be cycling from one end of Vancouver Island to the other over 14 days and cover a distance of 1,000 kilometres. That's an Olympic-sized challenge.

The ride is about overcoming adversity and is a symbol of hope and support for the many kids who are fighting cancer right now. Let's all take part in some of the great community events along the route, and be there to cheer when the riders come through our area!

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