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 July 15th, 2014

Be careful what you wish for.

Last week we wished for some hot summer weather because we wanted to go camping.

They say "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." But this is serious heat, and how many of us are staying out of the house entirely? Are you camped out in the back yard too, in a desperate attempt to get a good night's sleep? Now I find myself wishing that raccoons weren't quite so active at night.

To be fair, it's exactly what I asked for...and just time for the Great Canadian CampOut this weekend. The Canadian Wildlife Federation has a goal to get one million Canadians outside camping on July 19th, and I'm predicting that they'll get an awful lot of takers right here on Vancouver Island. If you register, you could be a winner of the $500 shopping spree prize.

That would go a long way to getting that air conditioner you've started wishing for...
or at least a new raccoon-proof tent.


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