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 October 27, 2015

And to all a gourd night...

This week, fantastic lit pumpkins of all shapes will be lining streets and decorating doorsteps.
Ever wondered where the idea came from?

Apparently this festive tradition has it's origins in Ireland with the legend of Stingy Jack, who's
fate it was to forever wander the countryside with nothing but a glowing coal in a hollowed out turnip to light his way. Folks lit their own turnip and potato lights, placing them in windows to
keep Jack o' the Lantern away. After emigrating to North America, they found that the native gourds were perfect for lantern making.

Personally, as a big fan of the equally fascinating pumpkin pie tradition, I'm pretty thrilled that
the turnip thing eventually fizzled out.

I'm also a big fan of the Pumpkins for Patients tradition at Thrifty Foods. From now until
October 31st, $1 from every pumpkin sold will benefit your local hospital foundation.

And that's a very gourd thing.


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