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November 16, 2016

A handmade gift is thoughtful.

It tells the recipient "I'm thinking of you, and I had you in mind as I fashioned this festive wonder."

At least that's the theory.

I have tried this approach myself though, and let me tell you, results may vary. No one wants to know what was really in my mind during those five hours of frustration. After spending $40 for the class and $45 on supplies, I finally had a pretty presentable herd of tiny peanut reindeer to adorn my gift packages. What I also had was a glue headache, ten sticky fingers... and a huge bag of jiggly eyes.

The truth is, some hands are better at making than others. There's no shame in leaving some things to the professionals. There are dozens of Christmas Craft Fairs coming up this season, full of beautiful work by hundreds of talented and artistic hands. Those who can't make, go.

There's every bit as much love in letting your gift say "I care enough about you to shop local" instead.


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