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January 31, 2017

All of life's big lessons can be learned in the garden.

I believe this. While we're busy looking up to the skies for the big truths, they're right in plain sight.

It is a wonderous thing to choose a seed, tend the plant, defend the fruit and feed yourself. It's also a difficult and humbling thing, and a fundamental act that unites all of us across all cultures and religions.

When we engage in the process of our own nourishment, we are forced to face the powerful natural systems upon which we completely rely for our very existence. We catch a glimmer of a system larger than any one of us, of which we are a part. We know interconnectedness.

Vancouver Island's Seedy Saturdays are beginning now. Go. Grab a hoe. Plant a row. Sowing seed is the way to sow understanding, to cultivate cooperation... and to grow hope for our future.


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